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La Dolce Vita House

La Dolce Vita

Island panorama - 360°

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La Dolce Vita **** apartments

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Montevideo - sea view apartment Olive

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The island of Losinj in the spring spirit - special offer

Take advantage of a special offer in March - action prices in houses Mandarina and Katja! Celebrate the beginning of spring on the island, a place with unique healing climate in whose benefits can be enjoyed throughout the year.

March, as part of the project Fragrances and tastes of Lošinj, a month marked by: rosemary, laurel and eucalyptus.
In accordance with the marking of March, we have discount prices for accommodation in the house Mandarina and in the house Katja - 30% discount on overnight stays in March!


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Rosemary is an evergreen Mediterranean bush of aromatic scent that can grow up to 2 meters in height. It is grown as an ornamental shrub, spice plant and for the production of essential oil. The thick bush with many branches is woody at the lower part, while the upper part is covered in thick leaves of short stems. They are dark green above, and grey and white below with dense hair and glands which discharge essential oil. The flower is light blue, purple-blue or white. It blooms twice a year, from March till May and in September, but on Lošinj it blooms throughout the year.

Rosemary can be grown indoors, in pots. In that way it is within easy reach while preparing meals in the kitchen, and at the same time its fragrance improves your concentration because it strengthens metal awareness, makes breathing easier and improves memory.



It is spread through the Mediterranean countries, and in Croatia it grows along the Adriatic coast separately or with other evergreen bushes. The leaves are leathery, firm and glossy, and flowers are yellow-white. The leaves are harvested throughout the year, and the fruit is picked from the late spring and in summer, and it is put in javorčić brandy.

Laurel stimulates appetite, regulates liver and bile function, reduces flatulence and slow digestion and it has an antiseptic effect. The leaves and flowers have always been used as a spice and for obtaining essential oil. The taste of the leaves is aromatic, astringent and bitter, and the smell is strong and pleasant. 

In old Greek the name for laurel is dhafni, after the myth about the nymph Daphne who turned into a laurel tree in order to avoid Apolo's courting. Apolo made the laurel tree saint ant wore laurel branches in memory of the unrequited love. 



The most beautiful eucalyptus trees on Lošinj can be seen along the promenade on Čikat where they reach the height of over 15 metres making a nice shade and providing a pleasant relaxation and break or sun shelter while you spend your time on one of the Čikat beautiful beaches. The leaves are added to tea mixtures for diabetes, used as a laxative in case of constipation and for nervous diseases and anxiety. Eucalyptus oil is an ingredient in many preparations that help with rheumatic diseases. It is also used for women's diseases as a tea or bath.

Eucalyptus in Greek means “the one who protects“. The tree native to Tasmania and Australia. Its smell repels mosquitoes and it is used to suppress malaria. The leaf has a calming and antiseptic effect. Its exotic fragrance and freshness will improve your mood and provide you with the feeling of serenity.

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