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The archipelago of Cres - Losinj encompasses an area of 513 square kilometers with a coastal length that stretches 501 kilometers. It's composed of 36 islands, islets and reefs. The highest peaks of Cres are 650 m (Gorice) and 648 m (Sis), and of Losinj 588 m (Televrin) and 557 m (St. Nikola). A phenomenon of the archipelago is the island of Susak - a limestone reef covered with fine sand. It is a place where the lifestyle, dress, speech and agriculture haven't changed at all for the past 500 years.


Between the northern and southern parts there are major climate differences. The northern part of Cres is deeply drawn in the Kvarner bay. It is constantly windy and snow during the winter is not surprising, a characteristic of the mild continental climate. The southern part of the island group is more sheltered and the climate is distinctly Mediterranean. Average summer temperature is 24°C and during the winter 7°C, air humidity is 70%, and the annual insulation is over 2600 hours. The satisfactory relation between the temperature and the air humidity creates a climate that is very useful for treatment of the allergenic problems of respiratory organs.


Continuous sea movements in small bays with rocky sea bottoms are responsible for the outstanding sea clearness. The average sea temperature during winter is not lower than 12°C and during summer not over 27°C


At the north end of the island of Cres there are oak, horn beam and holm oak woods and underbrushes. The middle part of the islands is transformed into pastures, olive groves and vineyards, and the unworked part is overgrown with maquis. At the southern part there are pine tree woods, laurels and maquis. In the last century, great surfaces have been afforested thanks to Professor Ambroz Haracic. During his long career, he also documented 939 different herbs among which most of them are used for various treatments.


At the base of Osorscica is full of large and small venison: deer, mouflons, boars, rabbits and martens. There are 162 kinds of birds from 43 families - the most protected kind is the white vulture. Also, there are 95 types of fish, 61 crayfish, 38 shell fish and a dolphin community with 150 individuals inhabiting the surrounding sea. Sheep are the most widespread domestic animals, but there are also goats, cows, pigs, donkeys and horses.

Lake of Vrana

A natural phenomenon, its level is above sea level which surrounds the lake, and its bottom is 74 m below the sea bottom. It is 5.5 km long, 1.5 km wide and its surface area is 5.75 square kilometers. This freshwater lake is a natural reservoir of healthy water for drinking, as well as home to a lot of freshwater fish.


An historic story tells us that Gaudencij - benedictinian, who was pronounced bishop and later confronted the sinful life of the citizens of Osor with his words and acts. He was then expelled from town and lived on the mountain peaks as a hermit. According to the legend he cursed all poisonous snakes on the island and that is why, according to the belief, that there are no such snakes on Cres and Losinj. The climbing path leads to the Televrin peek (588m).

Air quality

On Lošinj, it is really possible to feel life with each deep breath drawn! Abandon yourself to the thalassotherapeutic effect of our archipelago. Analysis have proved that Lošinj has first class air quality, so enjoy the magic of natural aromatherapy and the relaxation program of wellness.