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La Dolce Vita House

La Dolce Vita

Island panorama - 360°

By clicking on the interactive dot you can see the position of your chosen apartment.

La Dolce Vita **** apartments

Book your holiday vacation on time!

Montevideo - sea view apartment Olive

Enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in our charming apartment!

Private boat excursions - island Punta Križa

It is the most indented coastline of the island of Cres. This green paradise will fascinate you with its numerous coves, capes, fields and forests filled with wild life.

Photo: Marko Vrdoljak

Abandoned shepherds’ houses and small chapels gracefully decorate this national park that treasures old forgotten stories of the people who left their trace...

If you are longing for a perfect hiking excursion, this is it!!!



Excursion details:

- Private skipper and guide
- Led tours with stories about history and culture
- Duration: 3-4h
5 passangers seats
- Flexible departure 
- Communication languages: English, Portuguese
- Price: 650,00 kn/87,00 EUR (18,00 EUR per person)

- 15% discount for kids under 8 years of age