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Parachute jumping

A small sport airport in Ćunski has already welcomed two world competitions. After 23 years the Parachute World Cup Series returned to Cunski. There are many possibilities for tandem jump all over the year.

Have you ever dreamt of feeling of absoulte freedom without any support but yours which a freefall can give you? The fulfiling of this dream is close to you right now!!!

Tandem jump is the best alternative for those who want to experience the feeling of a freefall without a necessity of passing a demanding training before. If you are fascinated by the thought of the independent jump after passing the tandem jump,you can try the freefall courses.

For all those who have already undergone tandem, there is a unique opportunity to test single jump from 4,000 m. The JUMP-TANDEM season don't end: through the winter they jump over the sea on the island Lošinj. In addition, you will take a private plane to the place.