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There are several schools where candidates are trained and provided with the necessary equipment. Veteran diving instructors accompany students on their researches along the bottom of the sea.


The center is situated at the very seaside, in one of the most beautiful bays of the Nothern Adriatic archipelago - the bay of Cikat, surrounded by century old pine forrest.

Diver Sport Center & SSI Adriatic Group
Čikat bb, Mali Losinj
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Welcome to Oceanschool at Lošinj Island! Due to the success and very positive feedback to the Oceanschool program in Pula we decided to establish a second station. The Island of Lošinj (Croatia) quickly turned out to be the best choice for the new location. In addition to a great variety of natural habitats the commitment to conservation and ecotourism in the Cres / Lošinj region was a crucial factor for this place (see links at end of page).

Lošinj is characterised by its special climate which was already recognised by peers of the Habsburg monarchy during the nineteenth century. The area was developed into a major climatic spa and sanatorium. At that time the typical pine forests of the region were planted. That's where the new station is situated in the gorgeous ambience of Hotel / Camp Kredo. Environment and equipment provide ideal conditions for School Groups, Scientists and all those who are interested in marine biology to work, do research, discover and experience the Mediterranean Sea.

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