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Wild Wild Cres

When I even think of hidden bays, magnificent cliffs and griffon vultures of Koromačno area, butterflies begin their dance in my stomach.

Photo: Go2losinj

When people ask me about this tour, I feel I'm already there, standing small in the midst of this impressive Mother Nature's creation. When I'm there, I feel joyful and calm...

I will take you where the breath-taking cliffs rise from the sea like Greek Gods, where you can swimm and dive in gorgeous hidden beaches with crystal clear water, I will take you to the place griffon vultures call home, to wilderness of indescribable beauty that will move you deeply...

You don't have to be adventurous of free spirited to enjoy this tour, you simply have to experience it no matter who you are !!


Detailed customer info:



  • we shall visit several beaches including beach Mali Bok, beautiful bays like Meli and Koromačna, see many capes on our way, and visit the most incredible and rugged coastline of Cres called Punta Križa



  • sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling/freediving


What is included: 

  • private skipper and guide
  • a guided tour with stories and legends about the history and culture of the archipelago, islands and sea world



  • snorkeling and freediving gear (10€ per person)
  • basic freediving course (20€ per person)
  • underwater snorkeling photos (15€)



  • from 5 to 6 hours 



  • departure is from port of Veli Lošinj at 8:30


What to bring:

  • water, fruit and/or sandwich, bathing suit, towel, t-shirt, cap or hat, sun cream and comfortable shoes for walking
  • my advise is to bring sunglasses to protect you from a strong sea reflexion
  • money, in case you want to eat or buy something on our way


Communication language: 

  • Croatian, English and Portuguese



  • 9 people
  • minimum number of people for the tour - 6



  • 60€ per person
  • children up to 8 years have a 15% discount


Additional info:

  • bring your camera
  • there is always a chance we'll run into dolphins on the way :)