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Private boat excursions - island Susak

Susak is an unique island in the Adriatic by its genesis and its appearance. Thick layers of fine yellow sand that was brought by ancient winds makes it the perfect vacation island for families...and lovers! Excursion to this island will awake your spirits and renew your body...

The island is adorned with infinitive fields of reed, perfect for building little beach houses that shall provide shade during the hot sunny days. Explore the island through its old vineyards, taste the wild blackberry and enjoy hidden coves...visit the town, meet the local community and get to know their rich culture and heritage. 



Excursion details:



- Private skipper and guide

- Led tours withstories about history and culture

- Duration: 4-5h

-5 passengers seats

- Flexible departure

- Communication languages: English, Portuguese

- Price: 800,00 kn/108,00 EUR (21,00 EUR per person)

- 15% discount for kids under 8 years of age



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