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Montevideo - sea view apartment Olive

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Private boat excursions - Balvanida bay

Balvanida is a beautiful little cove and a family ranch in the middle of wilderness. If you are a gourmand, you will enjoy their charming restaurant that offers fresh fish, seafood, home bred lamb and other exotic flavours for your taste buds.

Photo: Marko Vrdoljak

You will visit Krivica, the most magical cove of our Island, where natural atmosphere exists to boost your vital energy... There is also a 30 min hiking option to the top of the Island where you can visit St. John's chapel and experience the view of a lifetime!!! 


Excursion details:

- Private skipper and guide
- Led tours with stories about history and culture
- Duration: 3-5h
5 passangers seats
- Equipment: sneakers or hiking shoes 
- Flexible departure 
- Communication languages: English, Portuguese
- Price: 750,00 kn/100,00 EUR (20,00 EUR per person)

- 15% discount for kids under 8 years of age